About Dottie


Dorothy (Dottie) Ayer joined the staff at California State University Channel Islands (CI) in December 2012 and currently serves as the Special Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA).  Prior to joining the CI family, Dottie worked as a Policy Analyst with the Academic Senate at the University of California Los Angeles for five years.

As the Special Assistant to the VPSA, Dottie’s primary responsibilities include the coordination and execution of special projects on behalf of the VPSA, as well as providing general support and direction for Division of Student Affairs (DSA) initiatives, which develop and enhance university co-curricular programs and services.  Dottie serves as a member of the DSA Executive Council and provides guidance, counsel, and support to the VPSA, as well as area heads within the DSA.  She routinely provides recommended courses of action, as well as in-depth analytical review to DSA and VPSA issues of concern.

Dottie earned dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science and Legal Studies, as well as certificates in Integrative Liberal Studies and Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, in 2006.  In the spring of 2016, she will complete her Master of Arts in Education – Educational Leadership, Higher Education Concentration.  Dottie’s research interests include traditionally underrepresented populations, higher education application motivators, and program development, planning and assessment.

Holistically, Dottie strives to be a contributing member of society and an example to those who look to her.  Through her actions, Dottie makes great efforts to be a leader among peers and a constant source of comfort to those around her.  She seeks to find joy in her experiences and appreciate the beauty and fortune that surrounds her.  Dottie values integrity, honesty, humor, and love.  She will never stop learning and is continually thankful for the lessons others have taught her.


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