Leadership Elements

This section of my online portfolio centers around seven elements, which are based on the University of California Berkeley’s Principals Leadership Institute (PLI) Leadership Connection Rubric, with modifications inspired by ACPA/NASPA Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Professionals.  The seven elements are as follows:

  1. Presence and Attitude:  Communicate a compelling presence and steadfast belief in the power of the possible
  2. Identity and Relationships:  Demonstrate personal and professional self-awareness and nourish trusting relationships in a culturally and racially diverse learning organization
  3. Equity and Advocacy:  Advocate for equitable academic, civic and social-emotional outcomes for students who have been historically underserved by campuses, schools, and society
  4. Student Development, Curriculum, Co-Curriculum, Professional Development and Instruction
  5. Organization and Systems:  Align systems, structures and resources that sustain a culturally consonant environment in the service of student learning and development
  6. Change and Coherence:  Engage all constituents in change efforts that respond collectively and coherently to the assets and challenges in campuses/schools and communities
  7. Assessment and Accountability:  Exhibit a persistent focus on student, staff, faculty, administrator, and teacher learning outcomes by developing, aligning and monitoring an equity-driven assessment system