Element 2: Identity and Relationships

Within Element 2:  Identity and Relationships – Demonstrate personal and profession self-awareness and nourish trusting relationships in a culturally and racially diverse learning organization, the courses within my Educational Leadership Program which contributed the most to my development were EDPL 624:  Human Resource Management in Higher Education Settings and EDPL 628:  Organization & Administration of Student Affairs.  Evidence in my growth within this element is found within my self-assessment and integrity, which may be directly attributed to the readings, class discussions and activities, and assignments from EDPL 624 and EDPL 628.

EDPL 624 allowed for a true self-assessment to occur that I had yet to undergo as a professional.  At the beginning of the course, we, as a class, were tasked with developing self-assessment questions which were to be distributed to several colleagues which we have routine professional interactions with.  The intent of the assignment was to allow for a pre-assessment at the start and then to do a post-assessment upon completion of numerous other developmental activities.  While I have experienced a number of evaluations during my professional tenure, I had never sought out feedback from my colleagues in such an organized and direct fashion.  After receiving the feedback to my self-assessment, I was better able to develop an improved level of self-awareness as well as cultivate the relationships with my colleagues.

In addition to various assignments and discussions, the reading within EDPL 628 was particularly helpful; specifically the chapters on the student profile and the administrator profile.  These chapters provided a unique and valuable perspective on the history and evolution of the student body, providing great insight into the students of today, as well as what it means to be an effective and responsible administrator in higher education today.  From these readings and the follow-up discussions, I was able to better learn how to create lasting connections with students in a diverse learning environment and ultimately how to serve better in my current and future positions.