Element 7: Assessment and Accountability

Within Element 7:  Assessment and Accountability – Exhibit a persistent focus on student, staff, faculty, administrator, and teacher learning outcomes by developing, aligning, and monitoring an equity-driven assessment system, the courses within my Educational Leadership Program which contributed the most to my development were EDPL 629:  Evaluation and Assessment in Higher Education and EDPL 623:  Understanding & Influencing Organizations.  Evidence of my growth within this element, is found within my perspective and knowledge base, which may be directly attributed to the readings, class discussions and activities, and assignments from EDPL 629 and EDPL 623.

My perspective and knowledge base regarding elements of assessment and accountability have been fostered by the foundational information and perspective found garnered from EDPL 629.  This course focuses on assessment and the readings and class discussions have undoubtedly aided in my enhanced perspective and knowledge base.  Many of the elements covered in this course have been of a foundational nature, which I think is appropriate for the class.  This foundation will allow young professionals to effectively incorporate the teachings throughout their career as they develop, maintain, and continually assess and evaluate programming and services within higher education.  Additionally, the understanding and perspective that was developed as a result of EDPL 623, regarding institutional organizations which will ultimately aid assessment, was very useful.  Within EDPL 623, various panelists and guest speakers were invited to class to discuss their positions and how they act and react to the various forces around them.  This was a valuable lesson to learn as an aspiring administrator.  True leaders cannot be unwilling to adjust to the surroundings.  It is important to seek out input (i.e. assessment data) and appropriately respond.

As a result of what we have learned within EDPL 629, and the Master’s Program as a whole, our final project for the course (EDPL 629) is to create our own assessment within higher education.  While this project has not yet been completed (due May 2016), the assessment project outline I have developed demonstrates a need for assessment which I have identified as a result of my professional experiences, as well as through my course work.  I am excited to further develop this assessment so that I may contribute to the improvement and enhancement of higher education, as well as the experience of our professional staff, and ultimately our students.