Leadership Vision Statement

While someone in an authoritative role is often seen as the default leader of a situation, it has become refreshingly clear through my experiences, as well through my education, that “leader” is not a designation given only to those in managerial roles; and on the reverse, a serving in a managerial role does not mean that one knows how to lead.  A manager is someone who can direct, facilitate, and create effective action; a leader however, does not need to provide instruction, but rather inspires action from within.  A true leader has “followers” because those individuals genuinely believe in the cause and purpose the leader is addressing.  As everyone moves through their career, it is important to take note of all leadership opportunities presented.  One may lead from any position, and in that role, will provide more influence and effect more change, than someone who is simply ‘in charge.’  Leaders are respected and take their position very seriously.  I have known several strong leaders throughout my tenure and have learned valuable lessons from each of them; while I believe I do serve as a leader in many capacities, I am excited to continue to hone my leadership abilities and enact change as I inspire others to action.